Entry Procedure

Entries must be in the hands of the show secretary by the closing date listed on entry forms. Entry forms must be accompanied by a cheque, money order or etransfer to cover all entry fees, office fees, stabling fees and any other applicable fees. Not sufficient funds / NSF cheques will result in an additional $40 service fee.

Competitors are responsible for their own errors or those of their agents in preparation of their entry forms. Juniors must have a parent or guardian sign their entry form. Entries received after the closing date will be subject to a $25 late fee. The Series management reserves the right to limit entries in any division and to refuse or decline any entry without being liable for compensation or damages.



Exhibitors cancelling their entries before the closing date will be issued a refund in full. After the closing date of entries but prior to the start of the tournament, shall, upon presentation of a valid veterinarian certificate, forfeit their stall and office fees, all other fees will be refunded. Non-veterinarian scratches will not be refunded after the closing date.

BRAVE Divisions
BRAVE Level 1:
8yrs & under
Classes offered:
8 yrs & under lead line walk/trot equitation
8 yrs & under lead line trot pole (walk or trot)
*Trainers are permitted in the ring. Riders are not eligible for any other division. Ribbons for all riders.
BRAVE Level 2:
Trot Pole Division
Classes offered:
Flat equitation (walk/trot only)
Trot pole over fences
Trot pole over fences
*This division is walk/trot only. Open to beginner riders. Trainers permitted in the ring. Riders in this division may not show higher than X-Rail at the same show.
BRAVE Level 3:
Classes offered:
Flat equitation (walk, trot, canter)
X-Rail over fences
X-Rail over fences
*Trainers are permitted in the ring for over fences classes. Open to beginner riders. No cross entry with classes higher than 18".
BRAVE Level 4:
18" Beginner
Classes offered:
Flat equitation (walk, trot, canter)
18" Equitation over fences
18" Over fences
18" Over fences
*Open to beginner riders. No cross entry with classes higher then 2'3".
BRAVE Level 5:
2'3" Novice
Classes offered:
Flat equitation (walk, trot, canter)
2'3" Equitation over fences
2'3" Hunter over fences
2'3" Hunter over fences
*Open to all riders who have never competed over fences higher than 2'6" at any show. No oxers.
BRAVE Level 6:
2'6" Intermediate
Classes offered:
Flat equitation (walk, trot, canter)
2'6" Equitation over fences
2'6" Hunter over fences
2'6" Hunter over fences
**Open to all riders who have never competed in fences 3' or higher at any show.
BRAVE Level 7:
2'3" Jumpers
Classes offered:
2'3" Jumper (one-round)
2'3" Jumper (jump-off)
2'3" Jumper (jump-off)
*Open to all riders who have never competed in fences 2'9" or higher at any show.
BRAVE Level 8:
2'6" Jumpers
Classes offered:
2'6" Jumper (one-round)
2'6" Jumper  (jump-off)
2'6" Jumper  (jump-off)
*Open to junior/amateur riders who have never competed over fences 2'9" or higher at any show.

BRAVE SHOWS may not offer all classes or divisions. Shows may offer classes for BRAVE riders that are not year-end points classes.

How are the classes judged?
Emphasis is on safety and control. Riders will be judged on their turn-out, (clean & tidy with proper helmets and footwear, jackets optional) position, and ability to control the horse. Straight lines and good corners with medium to light contact with the horse's mouth are recommended. Riders will not be penalized for doing extra strides in the lines if it is appropriate for their horse. Extreme speed will be penalized. Braiding is optional.

Who Can Ride On This Circuit?
Riders of any age or level of training can compete at a Brave show. All riders except lead liners must be a member of the Alberta Equestrian Federation.

Why Should I Join the AEF?
Members of the AEF are automatically protected with a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy for horse sport.  The AEF supports provincial coaching and riding certification programs that are the foundation of our system.  The BRAVE shows are sanctioned under the AEF's Wild Rose provincial competition program which serves the grassroots level of competition.  Annual AEF memberships are available at a cost of $50 for an individual membership and $110 for a family membership.  You can purchase your membership online, through the local AEF office, or at the show.  For more information visit the AEF website at www.albertaequestrian.com.

What Are The Safety Rules?
1) No more than 10 horses may school in the competition ring at one time and only three jumps at one time will be open for schooling.
2) Trainers who wish to school student's horses over the course must do so in a designated time period prior to the show.  Horses that require a tune-up ride during the show may go hors concours at the end of the class for the normal entry fee, time and schedule permitting. Trainers are invited to bring green horses that may compete any event. Normal entry fee applies.
3) A medic will be on hand from one hour before the show until 15 minutes after the completion of the last class.

How Many Times Can Each Horse Compete?
The number of times a horse can compete over fences will be limited to 3 times in each class (with different riders) and a total of 12 times in total for the day.  This does not include flat classes or trot pole classes.

What are the Prizes and Awards?
Each show may vary in its types of awards and prizes. However, at all shows, ribbons will be awarded to 6th place. Classes with more than 20 entries will be split by age groups. Shows reserve the right to restrict entries after a certain number to prevent the day from being too long. Points are awarded in the BRAVE Divisions as follows: 1st place = 7 pts., 2nd  place = 5 pts., 3rd  place = 4 pts., 4th place = 3 pts., 5th place = 2 pts., 6th place = 1 pt.  Riders may accumulate points in a maximum of 2 divisions.

How are the Divisions Structured?
Each BRAVE Hunter division will have a flat equitation, two hunter over fences classes and one equitation over fences class. The judging emphasis in all classes will be on the rider's ability to safely control the horse/pony and to negotiate the course in good form. BRAVE Jumper divisions will have one speed class and two jump-off classes. Entry fees will be $18/class.

What Happens at the BRAVE Finals?
All riders that have competed in at least two shows (not including the finals show) on the BRAVE Circuit are eligible to collect DOUBLE points at the Finals. The year-end/finals show will feature all of the BRAVE Divisions and more!  Look forward to a fun show and great competition. Ribbons will be handed out in each class, and ribbons and prizes will be awarded to division champions and reserve champions.

BRAVE Level Awards for Champions and Reserve Champions will be awarded to the high-point riders in each BRAVE Level at the year-end wrap-up.  This event may or may not be held in conjunction with the year-end/finals show.

How Will I Know About Points and Upcoming Events?
Check the BRAVE Website at www.bravehorseshows.com for news about upcoming shows (including entry forms and class lists), BRAVE Points Standings and more.

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